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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blumnethal stands with Berlin against "adult" business

Good news as Attorney General stands with the City of Berlin against the "adult" franchise called VIP. From the New Britain Herald:

Blumenthal called the case significant because it threatens not only Berlin, but also towns and cities statewide that have enacted similar ordinances involving sexually oriented businesses. Those municipalities include Ansonia, Branford, Bristol, Cromwell, Ellington, Enfield, Fairfield, Griswold, Hartford, Mansfield, Meriden, Rocky Hill, Seymour, Southington, South Windsor, West Hartford and Wethersfield.

In an amicus brief filed in U.S. District Court, Blumenthal said courts across the nation - including the U.S. Supreme Court - have upheld ordinances regulating sexually oriented businesses based on evidence of their adverse secondary effects.

Blumenthal said the adverse effects of sexually oriented businesses are well documented, showing increased crime, especially sex-related crimes, reduced property values, the deterioration of neighboring businesses and a lower quality of life for residents in the surrounding area.

"Berlin is the battleground, a test case for town authority statewide to regulate such businesses within their borders," Blumenthal said. "Across the state, cities and towns face proliferating sexually oriented businesses, including adult bookstores, adult theaters, massage parlors and facilities featuring live nude entertainment.

"In every town and every fight involving these businesses, the goal is the same: to protect citizens from the adverse secondary effects of sexually oriented businesses, including increased crime, lowered property values and a deterioration of the neighborhood," he said.

We applaud Mr. Blumenthal's efforts. And you upstaters - pray and work to get all those billboards down, too!

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Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord. I really pray each time I see one of those billboards that are over I-84, 1-91, etc....

Nick said...

Amen to that. I wonder what my grandpa would say if he could come back and ride on 91. However, they were so unenlightened and bigoted in those days against such things.