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Friday, March 30, 2007

The weakness of arguments against Christ and His Resurrection

With Americans becoming more Biblically illiterate year by year, it's more important than ever to be assured of what we believe and why we believe it.

Recently I've noticed some Google video ads which promote atheistic and anti-Christian material. Atheist websites are popping up like mushrooms. Some of what's there is laughable and contains arguments which could easily defeated by people possessing even a small degree of Biblical knowledge. But such is the poor state of religious education that people cannot even discern when they are being handed a ridiculous argument as opposed to one worthy of an intelligent response or debate.

With Easter coming up, a good start towards re-fortifying your faith or helping someone else to believe is this article by John Piper entitled "Eight Reasons Why I Believe That Jesus Rose from the Dead."

And don't be afraid of any of the arguments of supposedly learned skeptics. The Church of God is an old anvil that has worn out many hammers, and for good reason.

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