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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pray CT readers: promote your church!

Attention church-hoppers: ignore this post - it's not for you!

There are always people looking for a good church, and things being what they are in the Northeast, I've discovered that there are lots of good churches which somehow fly under people's radar. If you attend a really great Evangelical or Charismatic church, let us know:

1. Where is your church located?
2. What's your church's web address?
3. What are some of the key ministries and outreaches of your church?
4. Who would feel your church was a great fit? Singles, seniors, families with young children?
5. What makes your church a great church?

Write us at and when you do, we may feature your entry in a future blog post, and even place your church on the very cool Connecticut Church Map. The info you supply could help somebody find a great church!

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