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Monday, March 05, 2007

New Christian search page making the Web useful again

Ever searched for a Bible term, name, or place only to be swamped by information overload? I searched "King David" this morning on Google as a test and came up with 1,370,000 results!

Here's a new site which is giving you back the power of the Web: Kingdom Engine.

Kingdom Engine uses Google technology to feed you better results, offering you specialized search engines on a variety of topics. Kingdom Engine avoids the problem of burying you under a million results by searching just a few specially chosen sites instead of the whole Web. The result: information that's more relevant and useful to you.

The site currently offers four unique engines:

  • The Bible Search Engine - good for searching the Bible, commentaries and word studies
  • The Apologetics Search Engine - good for research about religious movements and practices
  • The Creeds & Confessions Search Engine, and
  • The Worship Search Engine, which allows you to "search lyrics, titles and composers in hymns and contemporary praise and worship."

Each one of these searches can be added to a Google homepage, or even to your own blog or website. For example, in our right-hand column we currently are hosting The Bible Search Engine. Take advantage of these tools!

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