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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When they will not endure sound doctrine...

The Rector of Christ Church in Watertown, CT, the Rev. Allyn Benedict, writes to his parish about what things have come to in the Connecticut Diocese of the Episcopal Church, and by extension, in the Episcopal Church as a whole.

This is the truth of life in the Diocese of Connecticut: no person can make it through the ordination process in Connecticut who holds to the theology which has been embraced by the Episcopal Church and all Anglicans (until relatively recently), indeed by all Christian Churches throughout the history of the faith. Not one priest in the Connecticut Six churches could be ordained in this diocese today. Every one of us would be [is] considered as unfit for ordination because of our theology.

Of course, one may believe whatever one wants in Connecticut. One may even believe as St. Matthew, St Mark, St Luke, St. John, St. Paul, St. James, St. Peter, St. Jude and, yes, as Thomas Cranmer and Richard Hooker believed. But only in private. A ministry based on the apostolic faith once received cannot be lived out in the Diocese of Connecticut with integrity without its being perceived and responded to as a threat to the Episcopal authority of its bishop and named as part of a personal conspiracy against him.
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