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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Is yoga appropriate for public schools - or is it religion?

Is yoga appropriate for public schools? Can it be separated from its Hindu religious roots?

Some Connecticut schools promote it now as just one more beneficial form of exercise.

Here's a look at how some non-Hindus, both Christians and Muslims, view yoga in India, where yoga's connection to Hindu worship is more out in the open:

[Gospel for Asia] leaders in the state sent a memo to all staff members in the area telling them not to send their children to school, because they would have to participate in the program that included Surya Namaskar, a Hindu form of sun god worship.

Surya Namaskar is known popularly in English as the Sun Salutation, a basic posture in yoga.

If people in India know this series of bodily postures is a form of worship, why don't we? And does it still matter to people?

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Anonymous said...

Our school system is in desperate need of prayer and parents involvement. Of course yoga is a form of religion, that article is vague and hides much. If this is allowed in the school system, how about a fair and level playing field, allow prayer and bible studies for students as an alternative. With a small group of children praying their hearts out for issues such as this and more, I wonder how long yoga would last in school?

Nick said...

It would be wonderful if we could even get silent meditation into some places; however, we have even more troubles than this now that Federal judges are mandating the teaching of homosexual life to our young children. (Massachusetts) Keep praying!

Anonymous said...

Wow, No wonder people homeschool.

However, Luke 1:37.

Anonymous said...

How about reading, math, history, writing... It seems the schools are trying really hard to replace sensible pursuits with imagination exercises bent on keeping our children locked on a coarse to Nirvana while ignoring teaching them how to balance a checkbook.
I thought Yoga was a process that taught the Hindu how to die; to break the cycle of reincarnation. Religion? what else could it be?