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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Church blesses another church with a unique gift

Faith Lutheran Church in East Hartford, CT shares a wonderful gift with another congregation:

Ever since the day church members were told they needed new windows, and made a decision to replace the leaky plain panes with stained glass scenes from the Bible of their own design and making, visitors have marveled at the result. Charles Kuralt stopped by to have a look for himself. The glass has been written up in magazines as far away as Moscow.

The inside of the Silver Lane church now tells a big story, a story of Biblical proportions which has been the reason behind stained glass since the Middle Ages.

But the 'Windows of Faith', all 56 of them, also fuse together many other human, personal stories of the people who made them - friendships, community, beliefs.

The congregation is now blessing another East Hartford church, Crossroads Community Cathedral, with a gift of a stained glass windows, unsolicited. The East Hartford Gazette says:

"They approached us," said [one of Cathedral's pastors, Sean Wiles]. Late last year he went to visit Faith Lutheran for the first time just down Silver Lane. "I was absolutely blown away. The evolution of how they have changed things over time in each window. How they have grown in what they are the 900-seat sanctuary "they were going to put in a normal window. But they came to us with this design. They had to build a box to protect it from rain. They have done unbelievable work, and it's going to be back-lit with special lights. Even the builders were impressed."

The stained glass gift leaves him somewhat at a loss for the right words to describe it. Churches of a different faith do not normally reach out, unsolicited, to help one another build a building.

"We haven't even presented it to the congregation," said Pastor Wiles. "It's a humbling thing. I would hope that all churches would be working together and supporting one another."

Read it all here.

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