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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Activists continue to push for same-sex marriage in Connecticut

The group GLAD ("Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders") has already sued in New Haven Superior Court on behalf of some same-sex couples who are seeking the imposition of full-fledged gay marriage in Connecticut. Click here to read their brief, filed last week, seeking summary judgment in their favor. [A summary judgment motion seeks judgment without the necessity of a trial on the merits of the case.] (Hat tip to Brian Brown et al at the Family Institute of Connecticut.)

In general, you can track the progress of any family or civil court case in Connecticut through our States' excellent Judicial Department website. If you are into safeguarding privacy, this site may scare you a little bit. Track the case here. You will need to scroll down a bit to get through the names of the parties and their attorneys. At the bottom you will see the motions and what action was taken upon them. The Connecticut court system does not yet provide digital copies of the actual motions themselves, so there is no way to read them without going to the courthouse. Pray for all involved.

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