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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weird Connecticut This Week (Vol. 6)

In part, this week's post is another "stupid criminals" edition. A man who claimed to be have been carjacked as part of the recent bank robbery in Waterbury was actually in on it according to the police. He even let himself be interviewed on TV about having been carjacked - but the police say he was actually the getaway driver all along.

And, in another highly unnecessary event, some older gentlemen are posing in the buff to sell a calendar to raise money for affordable housing in Lyme. Apparently, one of the men posing nude is 70 years old and was a state legislator for 30 years. We'll pass on the calendar. Lyme is a beautiful town (see photo!) and it sure would be great if anyone who really wanted to live there could afford to do so. But what happened to the Land of Steady Habits anyway?

You probably can guess that I don't approve of this but I'm only making light of it because it's unlikely to be inimical to morals...

(Photo courtesy State of Connecticut.)

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