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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Apparent Rituals Arouse Curiosity in Danbury Area

As I mentioned in last week's Weird Connecticut post, someone left an offering of a pig's head, together with vegetables and wine, in a Bethel cemetery. This week, the top headline on the Danbury News-Times shouted out that the leaver-behind of the pig had struck again. This time, police found a pig's head in a Danbury cemetery. They explained it as possibly an Asian custom to honor deceased ancestors. This makes sense on some level, as Danbury does have a somewhat large Cambodian population.

However, a third pig's head has now turned up, this time in a park. This story contains some background. Looks like the reporter called some West Coast contacts to find out more about Asian customs of honoring the dead. The quoted expert thinks this is the work of Tongans or Samoans. Without wanting to talk about this in any depth, lots of cultures perform these kinds of sacrifices. (Don't Google it, it's gross.) Anyway, it will not hurt us to pray against anything that was designed to be released if indeed this was a sacrifice. It may also be bored teenagers trying to raise a scare.

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