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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Episcopal clergy and lay leaders take action against Connecticut's Episcopal Bishop

Ready for some news that does not involve submarines?

Nineteen Connecticut Episcopal leaders have filed formal charges against Bishop Andrew Smith, claiming a variety of violations of canon law, including violating the due process rights of the so-called "Connecticut Six."

As usual, you will find the fullest reporting and blogging from a traditional prespective about this and other Anglican and Episcopal issues at the Virtue Online website, which is run by Orthodox Anglicans. The site is a great resource for articles and trends.

Virtue Online has more on the Connecticut story here, including the text of the filing against Bishop Smith.


Anonymous said...

Great news! As a member from one of the churches involved - good job team!

Nick said...

As a friend I can say, let's pray for some sanity in the ECUSA. C. S. Lewis thought that those who trash Christian doctrine should at least have the intellectual honesty to say they are not Christians. Invent a new name for themselves, you know.