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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Is Connecticut percolating?

Those of us who are looking for reformation and transformation in our State would be lying if we said Connecticut was boiling over spiritually. But maybe we are starting to percolate a bit. Our friends at the Family Institute of Connecticut have been blogging this week about how frequently religion and culture have been popping up in the Connecticut newspapers. Check out the August 18th entry in their Connecticut in the Crosshairs blog. (You can also find them at any time in our new blogroll on the right-hand side of this page.)

And while I'm at it, rather than railing against mainstream media columnists, wouldn't it be a great idea (and more Christlike) to have some organized prayer for them?

Over fifty years ago, the ministry of Billy Graham was heavily promoted by publisher William Randolph Hearst - most likely not out of any desire to see people come to Christ, but for reasons of his own. But how many souls came to know the Lord because of the increased visibility Dr. Graham got from Time magazine? Don't get me wrong - the Lord doesn't need the Hartford Courant or Channel 8 to get His message out. But what if more members of the press knew that we actually cared about them as individuals? Would a Christlike spirit affect how Christians and other pro-family activists are viewed and reported upon?

That's just something to think about . . .

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