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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Weird Connecticut This Week (Vol. 5)

I've been away on vacation this week, so blogging has been at a minimum. Thanks for visiting!

This edition of WCTW is not actually an example of homegrown Connecticut weirdness per se, but is about what may be the most offensive thing that has happened in Connecticut this summer. About some people who came into Connecticut and acted, well, weirdly.

Whatever you think about animal rights, PETA's summertime trip to New Haven firmly established them as being inhumane. On August 8, PETA displayed photos of dead animals in New Haven together with photos of dead people such as lynched African-Americans, in a misguided effort to equate slavery with the use of animals, or something. Fortunately, New Haven residents let them have it. So much so that PETA is now rethinking its campaign.

According to the New Haven Register, PETA banners compared African-Americans' sufferings to those of cattle, sheep, a seal, an elephant, and a rooster.

(In other PETA highlights: PETA protested the eating of fish, with one protestor actually dressing as a fish. Fox News reporting on PETA also noted that they were protesting the eating of sushi at an aquarium fundraiser - saying it would be like eating poodleburgers at a dog show.)

Anyway, well done, New Haven. For all their high-mindedness, PETA's grandstanding only serves to devalue human life. Our culture needs to value life and uphold the dignity of all persons.

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