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Monday, August 15, 2005

Two Connecticut cities among the most "liberal"

The Gospel is not about "right" or "left," and neither is this blog. However, I found it interesting that two Connecticut cities are among the 15 most liberal in the country, according to The Bay Area Center for Voting Research.

According to their reports, derived from voting patterns, Hartford is # 12 and New Haven is # 15. A full listing of the most liberal cities can be found here. Or, if you want to know where the most conservative places are, go here instead.

The New Britain Herald has more info on this here.

Photo courtesy State of Connecticut.


Peter Wolfgang said...

I can't hope but note that the same study lists my own city of Waterbury as the third most conservative city in entire northeast (#86). Only Allentown, PA and and Manchester, NH rank higher.

Nick said...

Yes, I should have pointed that out.

Waterbury is a cutting-edge kind of place! They used to have an African-American Republican Congressman, as you know.