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Monday, August 08, 2005

SOS: Save Our Subs!

The Danbury News-Times editorial board (no right-wingers, they) expressed concern in their lead editorial Sunday over the rise of Chinese naval power and the seeming rush to gut our own submarine force, which only includes 55 attack boats. There is also alarm about unprecedented joint Russian-Chinese war games involving some 100,000 troops.

Of course, this also has much to do with trying to prevent the powers that be from torpedoing our own state's economy by closing the New London sub base. The Norwich Bulletin reports there are hopeful signs in the last few days that the Commission reviewing base closures may give us a last-minute reprieve.

Let's pray that our officials will make wise decisions as they review our bases and that God will bless our economy. Pray for the Commission, known as the BRAC.

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